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My Champions League Final Experience

Hey guys!

Today I am going to share with you the awesome experience I recently took part in to do with the Champions League Final in Cardiff.

Wednesday 31st of May, 2pm…

At the train station with more bags than I could probably manage… you have to be prepared! I knew I had a long journey ahead of me and I hadn’t really thought too much about what I was going to take part in but I knew I was excited!

I have had a keen interest in events ever since I started Tourism Management at ARU. I just couldn’t say no to this opportunity! An event involving a big events company and Nissan, this could really get my foot in the door of where I want to be.

It had been a quick decision to go ahead with this but I knew it would be an enriching experience, to get a real look into the events industry.

So, I made my way to Wales on the train. I stayed with a friendly couple in Newport through Airbnb and the lady who lived there also had a lot of experience in events which was a bit of a lucky coincidence. I had never stayed with someone through Airbnb before so this was another new experience. 

Thursday 1st of May, 4pm

This was the day of the briefing in Cardiff which was held in a fancy hotel! This is where all of our roles were explained to us, we were given booklets which explained when and where we needed to be. A lot of the others who were part of the Nissan team were working on transfers from different airports, to where the event was being held. These sounded quite complicated so I was kind of relieved that my job was based in Newport, Wales for the next two days! And with this job we got to get involved in lots of fun Nissan and football activities! We were also given our uniforms at the briefing which looked pretty cool… a red Nissan polo shirt and a red Nissan jacket, which also had Champions League Final on them.

So, with the briefing done we were all raring to go!

Friday 2nd of June, 1pm

Our first day, we were working at what was called the playground next to a huge cruise ship, which Nissan had hired for the guests to stay at. Most of the guests were big clients of Nissan, who had been invited to the event and to stay on the cruise ship and then be transferred to the football game on the Saturday.

Our job was to get everyone in the football spirit and get people excited for the game! There were three different activities which we had to work on.

The first activity was they had the brand new Nissan Micra, both of the front windows were open and people had to try to shoot the ball straight through the two front windows. It was really difficult and only a few people managed to do it but there were some really cool prizes up for grabs, if you could do it!

The second activity was three cars each one a further distance away, the guests had to shoot the ball into the boot of the car and had to try to do it for all three cars. Some people spent ages on this and wouldn’t leave until the had done it!

The last activity was where you got to test drive the Nissan Micra, only briefly though. There was a giant bouncy ball which you had to drive the car up to and hit it through posts.

All of the activities were fun and challenging and all of the guests really seemed to enjoy them. It seemed like everyone was really getting in high spirits.

There were also a few people filming at the event and we wondered if they were YouTubers, who had been invited by Nissan.

There were also lots of photographs being taken, which we assumed were the press… all of us had to be featured in some of the photos!

There were quite a big team of us helping to run the activities, all from different backgrounds and areas of the world. Two others from the team were also from ARU, they have just finished their third year of Tourism Management. Below is a photo with myself and the two other students from ARU, Avi and Daniel.

It was really interesting to meet lots of different people from different backgrounds and network. It was also our chance to represent ARU, lots of people wanted to know more about our university and how we were given the opportunity of being there in Wales. Lots of people were surprised that we had been given this opportunity through our university. 

Fortunately, our university offers a lot of great opportunities such as this. I am very grateful to our course leader, Michael Duignan for securing us this opportunity.
We also have an excellent employability service at the university, which is able to offer a lot of different, exciting experiences and internships.

I feel I have gained a range of skills from this experience such as communication and networking skills, especially from talking to lots of the guests at the event. I think I have gained more independence, intuitive skills and learnt more about how the events industry works and how complicated it can be but also how rewarding it can be!

I think that just about concludes today’s post, hope you have enjoyed reading!

To end with a quote,

‘Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings’ Salvador Dali 

Much love,

Hannah x 

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